Capital Allowances

Capital intensive businesses should ensure that their capital allowances are correctly maximised given it is the only form of tax relief available on such expenditure. Failing to do so will result in greater tax payments.

Claiming capital allowances on vehicles, computers and furniture and equipment can be relatively straightforward. However, dealing with expenditure on the purchase, fit out, refurbishment, extension or construction of commercial buildings requires a combination of surveying, property, and tax skill sets to maximise the available tax relief.

At Mitchell & Co we can take you through the process of correctly maximising the capital allowances available. Our specialist team of chartered surveyors provides you with expert advice tailored to your specific needs. Who We Can Help: 

  • Property investors
  • Property occupiers
  • Small business owners
  • Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Other professionals

When Can We Help?

In general, anyone looking to buy, sell or build a commercial property should be interested in our services.  By getting involved during the purchase stages, we could ensure any unclaimed capital allowances are not lost forever and that the correct paperwork is in place to ensure a successful capital allowances claim.

For new builds and developments, we would ensure that the construction expenditure is correctly analysed in minute detail to ensure the capital allowances are identified.

Our fees are based on several factors, including the complexity of the case, the work required and the envisaged benefit. We usually offer a contingency based fee which means we will not charge a fee unless tax savings are achieved.

Benefits – Why Us

Our capital allowances services are delivered by chartered surveyors with the relevant knowledge in tax legislation, and together with our tax experts provide an all-round and fully comprehensive service. Given our team focuses solely on this area, they have a wealth of expertise and are able to ensure that capital allowances are correctly maximised.

We combine both tax and surveying skills to help identify and claim for missed opportunities and maximise allowances on current expenditure.

Using some high-level information, we will be able to quickly provide you with an initial indication of the level of capital allowances potentially available.

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