Research & Development (R&D)

The UK Government provides an incentive through R&D tax credits to businesses who demonstrate innovation by investing in, improving or refining their products, services or processes. 

These tax credits are often misunderstood and never claimed because many businesses wrongly believe that the incentive does not apply to them. It is therefore important to obtain professional advice and support to ensure you maximise your R&D tax relief.

We have been supporting businesses for over 75 years. Whether you need help with an R&D claim or simply want some business advice, we can help.

We understand that when it comes to R&D you might be unsure what you can claim for. Here are some examples of what can be considered:

  • Staff costs for time spent on R&D (directly or indirectly)
  • Power, water and software used for R&D
  • Some payments to sub-contractors
  • 100% allowances are available on capital items acquired specifically for R&D

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